Quarterly Blog

August-October 2017

Thank you to our corporate sponsors for continuing to give  to Classroom Connections.

This Fall we have served teachers from all 3 of the public school systems and continue to welcome new teachers to our store each week.

Special Thanks:  Every school term quarter we will highlight 1 corporate donor and 1 volunteer group.  We appreciate the contributions and help we receive from each donor and every volunteer and later this month will be updating our Wall-O-Thanks (soon to be added to the DONATE web tab) to highlight all donors and volunteer groups.  

Fall '17  - Donor Highlight:  Krispy Kreme of Hickory has continued to be a donor to Classroom Connections.   Since our inception, they have supplied donuts for our shoppers in appreciation of each teacher who pours their expertise and kindness into each Catawba County, K-12  public school student.   THANK YOU so much for providing a bit of sweetness each week!

Fall '17 Fall - Volunteer Highlight:  Hickory Crawdads Staff...Thank you.  Often times Classroom Connections receives an entire truckload of supplies and our limited staff and retired volunteers then unload the items alone, but not this time!  The Crawdads came to the rescue!  Thank you for taking a task that may have stretched for hours with our staff/volunteers and instead "really putting your backs into it" and making quick work of the entire load!  - Words are not enough to show our appreciations